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Protecting Families 


      I have been serving families since 2010  by helping them to find an affordable way to protect their loved ones in the event that a family member dies. Suddenly becoming a single mom, raising 7 kids I had to find  a way to do something that I felt good about. After a prayer, I was guided to work with families in life insurance. Something that I had never had experience with before, in all my years. But I realized that because my dad blessed my life with insurance when he passed away, I was able to have options... to learn a new career, study for my license and learn how to help other families leave a legacy for their loved ones.

      I never cared for hard core sales people. I desire to educate and help families  protect their loved ones, inform them of their options with out pressure and get them the best products that they can qualify for.. It is rewarding to work with  wise and compassionate folks who love their family enough to make sure that they are taken care of or that their death does not create a financial burden. I welcome the opportunity to help you take care of your family because family is what we are all about .       


How I Can

Help You

 Even if your budget it tight right now, we can go over your options to find the best policy to meet your needs. We have plans to fit all budgets. You can pick the date to start payments. 

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